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This post will be a lot shorter than the previous days as the vast majority of the day was spent running around the mean streets of Tokyo. I have posted my Tokyo Marathon Race Recap separately if you want to see how the run went.

When the race was finished it was gone 2pm by the time I got back to my hotel. I showered off and spent the next hour packing my suitcase as I fly back home tomorrow morning. That’s the rock n roll way to celebrating running a marathon right?

I was starving after only eating two small pots of ready mix porridge at 6am and Electrolyte gels during the run. I wanted something quick, dirty & easy and yes I mean food not a trip to Kabukicho. So it was off to Shake Shack for the third time, but to be fair it is a post-marathon tradition now.


You just can’t beat a burger and fries after an endurance event.

After that, I met up with a couple of friends from Instagram who had collected their WMM 6 star medals today and we went along with the Sport Tours guys for a few drinks. I don’t drink so had to settle for the sugar overload from a coke but it was a well-earned coke.

That was pretty much my day, not much to it really…. besides running the marathon.

That is it then for my time here. Tomorrow morning I head to the train station, off to the airport and back home. I will see if I can get my final day 6 blog post up whilst in Copenhagen and that will be a wrap for the daily Tokyo blog posts.

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