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Today was always going to be a bit of a nothing day.

I covered all of the sights I wanted to see yesterday and did all of the walking. Today was about resting and preparing to run the marathon. Up until now, it has been a bit of a holiday, I haven’t been thinking about the race, but now we change gear and get ready to run.

Last night I slept really well, from the moment my head hit the pillow to when my alarm went off at 6:30am. I got up that early so I could fit in my training run, shower and breakfast before heading down to watch the Friendship Run at 11am.

Today’s run was a 45min, fairly easy interval session, just something to get the legs moving with some pace but not taking much out of them.

Rather than running around the streets here, I went down to Yoyogi Park. Not even 10 seconds into the run I was told off by a policeman and told to leave the park. It turns out after some finger pointing, that I was heading into the part of the park where a local shrine is and running is forbidden in that area. He did point me towards the correct area of the park which was really nice and peaceful.


I managed to get the run done, train back to the hotel and showed all in time to make the buffet breakfast before heading out at 10am to make it down to the 5k run. It is a 40min trip on the train so it was perfectly timed for a change.

I got there and still had loads of time to spare.

The queue to get into the expo today was epic!! although queuing in today’s sun looked quite appealing, I wouldn’t have fancied it during Thursday’s monsoon-like rain. So top tip there, if you are planning Tokyo in the future, make sure to avoid the Saturday expo when all of the locals come in after working during the week.


The Friendship Run looked really good fun, I didn’t bother signing up as I felt the course looked pretty boring, just running along the path for 1.2km and then back down the other side, but the atmosphere was fantastic.


I met up with Damien for a coffee after he finished the run before we headed back to the hotel to get stuff ready for tomorrow and just relax.

When I got back to the room I sorted out my running gear, nutrition, and pre-race stuff. I posted a Tokyo Marathon Gear review last week if you want to check my stuff out and why I bring what I do etc, it is what 99.9% of us runners do and bring.


Whilst sorting my stuff out I had a message from my friend on Instagram called Chris asking if I fancied joining him and a bunch of other Insta runners for dinner. I haven’t felt great all day today, my stomach has felt off and a bit sickly which was a worry I had before coming out here. I haven’t eaten a great deal of proper food, mostly Starbucks as you may have picked up on. This is something I do a lot when I come to international races, I have this thing where I don’t like asking for a table for one or eating by myself, things like finding a good place to eat are a stress for me and if I do find somewhere and its full or a massive queue then that throws me out and I return to default and grab a Starbucks muffin. Not ideal food prep before a marathon.

This was something I highlighted in New York and address the issue which resulted in me running a PB along with a great block of training as well but the carbs and energy from eating right really helped. Out here I have found it difficult to find places to eat and have skipped a lot of meals again. I am hoping this doesn’t come back to bite me tomorrow.

Anyway, not feeling great. So yeh, I wasn’t sure whether it was due to not eating much, a bug or actually something funny I had eaten. So I went out to meet Chris for dinner and had a really good time, it was great chatting with a bunch of other runners and eating. I went for a nice big traditional pre-race pizza.


I felt a lot better after eating so I am hoping that is me sorted now. I will see how it feels tomorrow when I get to the start. Tokyo isn’t my A race so I have no shame in running at a far slower pace than normal in order to finish the race. If I am not feeling well I don’t want to push too hard and make myself ill part way around. I can’t come all this way to DNF.

After dinner, it was back to the room, write a blog, have a foam roll and head to bed.

Alar is set for 6:30am again tomorrow, with the entrance to my corral right outside the hotel door I can afford to sleep in later than most.

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