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Well here we go, the day has finally arrived. The sun has risen on my journey from Manchester UK to Tokyo. This is the first of my Tokyo blogs, I hope to post something each day, mainly just an overview of what I have been up to on that day, my thoughts on the upcoming marathon and just generally lots of photos from my sightseeing around Tokyo…. maybe a medal shot or two come Sunday / Monday. My first day is spent in airport lounges and flights so it won’t be the most interesting and definitely the shortest.

My alarm went off at 5:10am, a quick bowl of porridge and a coffee before saying goodbye to my wife, my daughter was still asleep so I did not want to wake her early. I was on the road to the airport by 6am and parked up waiting for the bus to the terminal by 6:25am.

This is possibly the least glamorous photo of the whole trip but a good start point, things can only get better right?


After a few hours waiting at Manchester Aiport, briefly entertained by an Airbus A380, I flew out to Copenhagen where I had another 2:45 wait before boarding the flight out to Tokyo.


I am currently sat in the lounge at Copenhagen writing this blog to pass the time but also nervously but excitedly awaiting the ballot results from the New York City Marathon. I suspect I won’t find out whether I have a place in the 2019 marathon until I arrive in Tokyo and figure out how to get my phone connected to the pocket WiFi I have hired for the weekend.

I won’t bother to write up what happens on the Copenhagen to Tokyo flight on this blog, with not being due to land until 10:40am Thursday (tomorrow) I will keep that exciting update for tomorrows post.


The rough plan for tomorrow is to first off find the airport post office where my pocket WiFi should be waiting for me, then attempt to use the Narita N’ex train from the airport to Shinjuku station. I am staying at the Kieo Plaza which is a 10min walk from the station. I will either check-in or drop my bags off at the concierge if I am early, then head out to the expo to collect my race packet. Other than that I have no big plans for Thursday, just stay up as late as possible to try to get over the jet lag.



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