The plan for March is to carry on with the 37 – 38 mile weeks of running before beginning tapering for the Greater Manchester marathon in the last week of the month. Cycling wise I am aiming for another 600km month, which will be easier this month with the 108 mile Cheshire Cat sportive taking a big chunk of that mileage. Hopefully the weather improves a little so I can get out and ride outside more as well.

March 2018.

After two good weeks of training at the end of February IRONMAN UK 2018 – TRAINING UPDATE – FEBRUARY. and running a half marathon PB at THE BIG HALF I can see big improvements as a result of the previous 14 weeks of training. None more so than in the cycling. Although on Zwift, my average speed has improved from 18mph to 22 – 23mph, even topping 24mph for one 20 mile ride. Running has been more about endurance than speed. I wanted to run more long runs than in previous training cycles rather than concentrate on speed. This is in the hope that I can continue my running past 18 – 20 miles and run the full marathon distance without stopping. I am sacrificing some speed to achieve this as I feel I was running too fast in BERLIN MARATHON and NEW YORK CITY MARATHON I guess we will see how it goes on 8th and 22nd April.

Week Fifteen was back to the daily grind after the half marathon PB on Sunday. Just a recovery run on Monday and Thursday then my longest ever training run on the Sunday. 22 miles at my planned marathon pace of 7:55, if I could continue at that pace for another 4 miles in London then I would be coming in very close to my goal of 3:38, very very pleased with that run! another solid week on the bike as well and managed one 2k swim at 44mins, my quickest 2k swim to date.

Week Sixteen I started a daily 20 mile bike challenge on the Tuesday – Sunday. Getting in some consistent miles will help build the cycling strength further before taking on longer rides in the coming months. Running was going well until Sunday’s Wilmslow Half Marathon was cancelled due to snow. I still managed to run 6 miles around Mow Cop but it was a struggle running in the wind and ankle deep in snow. This meant the mileage was down this week.

I felt some pain in my piriformis at the beginning of Week Seventeen, most likely caused by Sunday’s run in the snow. Also feeling a cold coming out after my daughter brought it home from nursery last week, not what I need 3 weeks out from the marathon. I put off Monday’s & Tuesday’s runs to later in the week. The piriformis felt better on Wednesday so 5 miles around Manchester with no issues, Thursday was back to normal but tripped 1.5 miles into the run and rolled my ankle, bent my wrist back and knocked my knee on the floor. The knee hurt a lot for the next 3 days resulting in no running, no cycling and pulling out of Saturday’s Tough Mudder 5k and Sunday’s Cheshire Cat Sportive. That is now 3 DNS and 1 Cancellation in the last 5 events for me. Not a great start to the year on the racing front.

Week Eighteen was the start of tapering for the Greater Manchester Marathon. I managed a 10k run on Monday and the knee felt ok, a little discomfort but after an injury you do concentrate on the old issue more than before so was there really pain there or was it in my head? I ran again Tues, Wed and Thurs and all went fine, no falls. Sunday saw my last long run before Manchester, 13 miles at marathon pace. Cycling I clocked up a 20 mile ride and 65 mile ride, nice to get back on the bike and get a fairly decent distance in. With having the cold still lingering around I have decided not to swim this week and will probably just not bother with it now until I have done these two marathons.

Week Fifteen:

  • Swim: 2,187 yrds, 44mins
  • Bike: 66.1 miles, 3hr 13mins
  • Run: 38.2 miles, 5hr 5mins

Week Sixteen:

  • Swim: 0 yrds, 0mins
  • Bike: 120.1 miles, 5hr 31mins
  • Run: 32 miles, 4hr 23mins

Week Seventeen:

  • Swim: 0 yrds, 0mins
  • Bike: 89.4 miles, 4 hr 14mins
  • Run: 7.7 miles, 1hr

Week Eighteen:

  • Swim: 0 yrds, 0 mins
  • Bike: 85.1 miles, 4hr 15mins
  • Run: 35.3 miles, 4hr 34mins

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