So I go into February with the plan of continuing to build up my running in preparation for the April marathons, this will be mainly focused on running longer during my long Sunday runs and incorporating more hill work on the non-long run weeks. I aim to increase my cycle mileage and hopefully hit the 600km mark this month and also get back into the pool and build up my swimming strength.

February 2018.

After having the flu during the last week of JANUARY TRAINING I knew it wasn’t going to be a matter of picking up where I left off, it will take a number of weeks to get the mileage and more importantly, my strength back to where it was. This is my third update now, month three, in the past two updates I have had a cold and the flu which have really affected my training. Hopefully the weather will start to pick up now we are moving towards spring.

Week Eleven was a struggle, running felt hard and I just didn’t yet have the energy to run fast or that long either, but its all part of the recovery process. I should have ran a 19 miler this week but I am not too worried about missing that, I know I can run that distance. I was able get in a good spell on Zwift but no swimming still.

Week Twelve saw me back up my planned weekly mileage and strength coming back up again too. This week was the first of my fortnightly hill weeks. I ran up the Mow Cop Killer mile as part of a “hilly 8 mile” run and then back on Mow Cop for my Friday hill rep session. Although both of my marathons are flat courses, there are hills on both the Staffordshire and Bolton Ironman run routes so these hill reps will pay me back in 5 months time. No swimming again, I want to be 100% over this flu before getting back into the water. Really strong week on the bike, the first time in a very long time I have gone over 100 miles for the week.

Week Thirteen I was back in the pool for two 2km swims and actually going quite well, I have started to take a bottle and take a drink every 500m which is helping me swim further. This will help to build my swimming strength and pay off further down the line when I get back into open water swimming. A few less miles on the bike this week, I just didn’t get as much time to spend in the garage on Zwift. I did however, purchase a new Giant Propel Advance 1 road bike which I will be using for both Staffs and Bolton this summer. Really looking forward to taking this out for a spin next week.


Running was slightly down this week, that was due to not managing to run the 20 miles for my long Sunday run. The weather was forecast for be chilly so I decided to make a stop at a local coffee shop for some cake to refuel and a warm up, but then I just couldn’t get going again afterwards and ran out of time so I called it at 17.5 miles. The plan was to run 10 miles at 7:45 pace and then the second 10 at 8:15. I managed the first 10 on target and the next 7 were all good so I am pleased with how the run went and will not stop for cake again.

Week Fourteen was a big week. Over 18 hours of training. I had booked this week off work so that I could take the bike out and get in some serious miles but the weather was terrible all week. The Beast from the East took control and dumped snow, ice, strong winds and subzero temperatures on us. I even had to move the KICKR out of the garage and into the kitchen, it was that cold in the garage my MacBook and iPhone were shutting off after an hour. This meant no riding on the new Giant sadly. Five days of riding clocked up 215 miles alongside three great 2km swims where I am getting closer to that sub 2minute pace. Running didn’t feel like it went that well, I move my hill reps from Friday to Tuesday so that I could have two days off running before running the Big Half on Sunday but then due to the weather I missed a run on Wednesday and had to run Friday anyway, then split the run half Friday and half Saturday just to reduce my time outside in the cold (really paranoid about getting another cold with this weather). So the planned two days off turned into three consecutive days running.

I went into the Big Half having cycled 215 miles at a good demanding pace, my biggest week of UK cycling ever and my biggest week of swimming ever. So its safe to say, I was not in the best condition to run fast during the race. Some how, despite running within myself I took 1:49 off my half marathon PB, you can read my race recap here – THE BIG HALF 2018 RACE RECAP for a more detailed write up.

Week Eleven:

  • Swim: 0 yrds, 0 mins
  • Bike: 65.1 miles, 3 hrs 32 mins
  • Run: 22.2 miles, 3hrs 3mins

Week Twelve:

  • Swim: 0 yrds, 0 mins
  • Bike: 118.8 miles, 6hrs  6 mins
  • Run: 36.4 miles, 4 hrs 59 mins

Week Thirteen:

  • Swim: 4,402 yrds, 1hr 37 mins
  • Bike: 80.2 miles, 3 hrs 38 mins
  • Run: 33.5 miles, 4 hrs 29 mins

Week Fourteen:

  • Swim: 6,616 yrds, 2hrs 19 mins
  • Bike: 215.1 miles, 11 hrs 17 mins
  • Run: 37.3 miles, 5hrs


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