OMG!!! so its 2018 and I am competing in my very first Ironman event and full Ironman distance event THIS YEAR!!!! it didn’t seem quite as scary when it was “next year” but now, its this year and 7 months away. In fact, I have just had my e-mail reminding me to make my third and final payment.

I began my training on 27th November and posted a Month One update at the beginning of January – IRONMAN UK 2018 – TRAINING UPDATE – DECEMBER. The goal for January was to continue with the same training plan and build on my first month. Again it was more geared to running again, but this is the plan now until I run the London Marathon at the end of April. Now I have the Wahoo Kickr setup I can get a lot more cycling done during winter which is going to be a massive improvement on 2016 and 2017.

January 2018.

The plan for January is much of the same. Mainly focusing on running, building the long Sunday runs up by 1 mile each week. I don’t want to increase my weekly mileage though so I will reduce other runs to compensate for this increase. I will move the weekly mileage up by 1 mile from week 7, that is to make it easier to fit the longer runs in later in the plan, the 20+ mile runs. Now I am using the Wahoo KICKR I want to get more time on the bike this month, start to build up the miles and get ready for longer outdoor rides come March / April time.


Week Six – After being ill over Christmas and taking New Years eve off to rest and recuperate, I started 2018 off well, still no swimming this week but pushed the long run out to 15 miles and averaged under my planned 7:45 marathon pace. I am using the KICKR & Zwift more now and really enjoying it, far far FAR better than using a static bike starring at the wall.

Week Seven, building on last weeks long run, I pushed it out to 16 miles this week, still maintaining the planned pace of 7:45, I know I can run 7:35 pace for 20 miles after the NYC marathon, but the question is, how far can I go at 7:45? Its slower so should be easier and enable me to hopefully run the full 26.2 miles, time will tell as training goes on. Bike wise, the miles are building week on week, January is already my 6th biggest month of riding, just behind the summer months. I made a return to the pool with 2 1,300m swims, trying breathing drills to improve my breathing and move from every third stroke to every fifth stroke.

Week Eight was more of the same, similar run and bike distance just at a slower pace. This week was my 8 week recovery week, but with a 10k race thrown in at the end, you can read my KIDSGROVE 10k RACE RECAP if you like. Swimming was one swim, but it is what it is.

After last week’s recovery week, week Nine was back down to business. The main goal of this week was to run 18 miles on Sunday, which was my longest training run ever. I did that and within my pace target of 7:45, although the last mile, I dropped 1 minute, so work to do if I am to maintain that pace for a further 8 miles. Bike, I got 70 miles in on Zwift again, a little less climbing this week but the average speed has definately increased since the start of the month. Swimming went well, albeit just the one swim this week with missing Friday, I had a lot of things to sort out with mums estate so swimming had to give. I did however, swim my fastest 1k, going sub 23 for the first time.

Week Ten wasn’t great. I started the week off with my usual 8 mile recovery run but I felt a cold coming on and that got worse Tuesday so I took the day off and it just got worse all week resulting in no more activities and spending the week in bed. It turns out I have the flu so I missed the London Marathon Meet the Experts event on Saturday and also missed the Mad Dog 10k on Sunday as well. The plan for next week is to rest up again and recover. One week ago I was running 18 miles, this week I a celebrating making it from the lounge to the kitchen without stopping.

Week Six:

  • Swim: 0 yrds, 0mins
  • Bike: 61.3 miles, 3hr 37mins
  • Run: 33.1 miles, 4hr 6mins

Week Seven:

  • Swim: 2,898 yrds, 1hr 8mins
  • Bike: 76.7 miles, 3hr 40mins
  • Run: 35.2 miles, 4hr 33mins

Week Eight:

  • Swim: 1,094 yrds, 24mins
  • Bike: 67.1 miles, 3hr 21mins
  • Run: 34.7 miles, 4hr 36mins

Week Nine:

  • Swim: 1,094 yrds, 22mins
  • Bike: 70 miles, 3hr 21mins
  • Run: 34 miles, 4hr 16mins

Week Ten:

  • Swim: 0 yrds, 0mins
  • Bike: 0 miles, 0mins
  • Run: 8.1 miles, 1hr 9mins


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