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I will keep this brief as it is what it says on the tin. My goals for 2018.

Firstly I will just give a brief re-cap on my 2017 goals, these were not documented so I absolutely smashed all of them, but seriously, 2017 was my first proper year of running with any plan and structure to it. It was the year I stepped up to marathon running.

I set myself five fairly simple goals for the year, nothing too stretching, but goals which would push me on from 2016 and build the foundations for a fitter lifestyle.

2017 goals:

  1. Complete the Paris Marathon.
  2. If I achieved no 1, then I wanted to run sub 4 hours.
  3. Run 1,000 miles in 2017.
  4. Plan my training, do it right and enjoy the build up to race week.
  5. Complete the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas Cycle Challenge feeling strong and fit throughout and enjoy it.



So, 2018 then. What do I want to achieve? what is the long term plan / goal and how am I going to get there?

To put it simply, this year is all geared around two big targets I have. One of which is a secret which I will post about separately in early spring, the other and possibly biggest target is to compete in and finish Ironman UK. Alongside these I will be continuing my journey towards the Abbotts World Marathon Majors 6 Star Finisher Medal, by running the London and Chicago marathons, hopefully taking me up to 4 out of the 6 majors.

2018 Goals:

  1. Finish Ironman UK (all 140.6 miles of it).
  2. ********************.
  3.  Beat my marathon PB of 3:39:16.
  4. Increase knowledge and understanding of sports nutrition.
  5. Ballot dependant: Complete the Prudential RideLondon – Surrey 100, in doing so, complete the London Classics Trilogy.


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