After getting back into the swing of things last week, technically week 5 and 6 should be taper weeks, but I am planning on running week 5 like a normal training week and then tapering in week 6. The thinking behind this is, I missed a week when cycling in Arizona, although it was a big week on the bike so still good training, its just not running, also the week before the ride I only ran twice so the mileage has dropped quite a bit in October.

Week 5

Monday – Here goes another week. Just a recover Monday run today with 5.3-miles at 8:51 pace. I quite enjoyed running at a nice slow pace today after a tough run yesterday around Knypersley pool. A 30 minute foam rolling session in the evening and legs are feeling great for the week ahead now.

Tuesday – Tempo Tuesday’s are back, formally known as Sprint Tuesday’s until it got too dark to run my sprints by the train track (not on the track!!). A 4-mile tempo run from home to the train station and back again, pacing at 7:02 today.

I was in the office today for the first time in three weeks which meant I was also back out on the bike. The morning rides are now fully dark so I am taking the short but lit route to the train station and then taking a longer route home to get in some extra miles before the dark nights kick in after the clocks go back on Sunday. 11.4-miles in total, but a few PB’s on some of the Strava segments, despite being on the slower hybrid bike and carrying my rucksack full of my work bits. Clearly the legs are feeling good and strong from the Arizona ride two weeks ago.

Wednesday – 4-mile easy paced 8:08 run to the train station and back. A nice recovery run to let the legs recover from last nights tempo run and get ready for a sprint session tomorrow lunchtime.

Back in the office for the second day in a row today, same route on the bike as yesterday clocking up another 11.1-miles.

Thursday ­– Today saw the return of Sprint Intervals, the worst day of my training week, but to be fair, I have grown to enjoy these sessions over the past 25 weeks. This is the first sprint session I have done since tapering for the Berlin marathon at the beginning of September. 8 x 30sec sprints followed by a 70 sec recovery jog back to the start point, with a 1-mile warm up run to the start and 1-mile cool down run back home. 7:39 ave pace for the 4-miles ran, dipping under 4:00/mi during three of the 30 sec sprints, oddly it was three of the last four which I ran quickest, clearly holding something back on the first few sprints.

Friday – I am starting to feel a cold coming on!! typical, with one week until I fly out to New York I get a cold. This will be my third international marathon, on the two previous races I have had a cold the week leading up to and including the race, looks like I am on for a hat trick. I have started to take a SiS Immune tablet each day this week to help my immune system but looks like I left it too late, although the extra vitamin C and Iron can only help.

With the above in mind, I decided to bring my tapering forward from Monday and start today. Just a 3-mile easy 7:58 paced run today. The planned hill rep session can now wait until after the Las Vegas marathong.

Saturday – Parkrun at Congleton today, the last one for 3 weeks. I set my target of running at 7:40 pace today, taking it nice and steady and testing out my marathon pace, albeit over a 5k distance. Well that plan didn’t happen, as ever I ran too quickly. I did try to hold back but it just felt so slow and people were coming past me. I ran the first lap (1-mile) in 7:17, somewhat slower than I would normally run a Parkrun so I did slow it down, but then some way off the 7:40 I was aiming for, I just got dragged around quicker than I wanted. So, I changed the plan and decided to run negative splits, lap two was 7:00 and lap three 6:29. I finished up in 24th place with a 21:18. There was a time earlier this year when I first started Parkrun that I would have been pleased to run sub 23, now my “steady” run is low 21’s. Just shows what 183 days of running, cycling, swimming, OCR, Triathlons and weight training does for you.

Sunday – Still struggling with a bit of a cold today but dosing up on Cold & Flu tablets now to hopefully get it under control and maybe shift it before next weeks race. Since I decided to start tapering from Friday, I wont be running my planned half marathon distance today, instead opting for 6.6-miles to round the week up to 30-miles. I was aiming to run at my planned marathon pace of 7:40 but kept dipping under that pace, finishing up with 7:31 which isn’t massively under the pace but I feel if I was to keep running the splits too fast next week I will struggle in the later miles. Next week I need to work on running a little slower.

Running Stats: Total Miles 30, elevation gain 1,302ft, time 3h 53m

Cycling Stats: Total Miles 22.6, elevation gain 758ft, time 1h 29m

Swimming Stats: Total Yards 0, time 0m

Week 6

Monday – Its race week!!!! 3-miles today and finally managed to get in a slower paced run at 8:33 pace, the plan for this week is to run Mon – Thur, probably all on the same 3-mile route as today. Hopefully find time to get in a steady run in New York if I can find time Friday night, Saturday morning will be the 5k Dash in Midtown and then the big one on Sunday.

Tuesday – Halloween!!!! oooo scary. Back in work again today, I know!! two weeks in a row!! 2 mile short ride to the station and a longer 10.2 mile ride home taking in the challenge of Mow Cop to get some good elevation gain in. To save time I went straight out on a 3 mile brick run once I got home, pacing at 8:10, 8:09 and 8:09. Nice and consistent for a change. I thought I would have a little play around with a halloween filter for todays Instagram post, not sure whether it made me look worse or improved things.


Wednesday – Feeling like I have done nothing but run slow for the past week and worrying that I will loose my pace I decided to go out on a longer 10k run and split it into a tempo 5k and a marathon paced “recovery” 5k. The first 5k was 20:58 followed by a 24:19 marathon paced 5k, the pacing was actually a lot better this time around. I am thinking of trying to pace this Sunday somewhere between 7:40 – 7:45 which would be a PB somewhere between 3hr 20 – 3hr 25, just have to see how things go on the day.


Thursday ­– Just your standard 3-Mile steady run this lunchtime. That is the final run in the UK before flying out to New York tomorrow morning.

Friday – I decided to take today off running, I flew out to New York landing at 13:45 and took the Sports Tours International bus into midtown. Met some great guys while waiting at the airport, one of which is on the same journey as me trying to run all 6 majors, New York will be his 4th, just leaving Tokyo and Chicago next year. With waiting around for the 37 other people on our bus I did not arrive at the hotel until 16:20 so I just dropped my bag in the room and went straight to the expo to collect my race bibs for Saturdays 5k and Sundays marathon. I did have a place to take part in the opening ceremony but with arriving so late into the hotel I wouldn’t have had time to make check in for the parade and get my bib for Saturday morning. I opted for the Saturday 5k and the chance to run through midtown New York on closed roads.

Saturday – Today was the Abbott 5k Dash to the finish which ran from 1st Avenue by the United Nations along 42nd Street, up 6th Avenue and trough the park to the marathon finish. I don’t know what time I put down but I was in the very last corral so it was a bit crowded and a lot of zig zagging around but I still ran a 21:57 and had a good stretch of the legs. The cold is still bugging me but it’s just more of a blocked nose now so hopefully that will improve a little more by tomorrow morning. 4am alarm is set ready to get the bus to the start line!!!

Sunday – Well today I am out running the TCS New York Marathon, keep an eye out for my Race Recap blog posting during the week.

Running Stats: Total Miles 18.4, elevation gain 784ft, time 2h 21m

Cycling Stats: Total Miles 12.3, elevation gain 886ft, time 50m

Swimming Stats: Total Yards 0, time 0m

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