After completing the first two weeks of the New York Training plan, week 3 is being spent out in the US where I am taking part in a 5 day cycle challenge, starting in Cameron Arizona we cycle 560km into Las Vegas. As a result, the running this week will be drastically reduced, I am hoping to get at least one run in whilst in Las Vegas to see what the strip is like to run before I run the marathon there in 5 weeks time.

Hopefully once I get back and into things in week 4, I can get into some kind of rhythm with running again. The first two weeks felt unorganised and not to plan. Partly because I was recovering from the Berlin Marathon but also because I was so busy sorting things out for my mums funeral. Now things have calmed down on that front and my legs are nicely recovered from Berlin (I will have to wait to see how they feel after this ride) I can get back into the planned long runs, sprints & hill reps. After that, technically weeks 5 & 6 should be taper weeks.

Week 3

Monday – No running today, today is Day 2 of the Arizona to Las Vegas Cycle Challenge where I cycled 55.5 miles, you can read my blog here – ARIZONA TO LAS VEGAS CYCLE CHALLENGE 2017

Tuesday – No running today, today is Day 3 of the Arizona to Las Vegas Cycle Challenge where I cycled 84.5 miles, you can read my blog via the link above.

Wednesday – No running today, today is Day 4 of the Arizona to Las Vegas Cycle Challenge where I cycled 110.1 miles, you can read my blog via the link above. Although, technically thats not true today. I did go for a 1-mile cool down run on the dreadmill in the hotel gym. Just to loosen the leg muscles slightly after the big ride.

Thursday ­– Feeling fit and ready to go, I was up at 6am and out for a 4.6-mile sunrise trail run around Lake Mead with Dave. The first mile was in darkness, using the torches on our phones to navigate the trail. Probably not the best idea running on a rocky trail path in the dark three weeks before the New York City Marathon. Today is Day 5 of the Arizona to Las Vegas Cycle Challenge where I cycled 32.7 miles into the finish line in Las Vegas. You can read my blog via the link above.


Friday – No running today, although the legs feel good and like I could get out for a run, I just didn’t fancy running The Strip with all of the bridge crossings and cutting through casinos.

Saturday – No running again today, we left for the airport at 12pm for our flight back to the UK.

Sunday – Nope, no running again as I am sure you could guess after a 18hr journey home and the jet lag.

Running Stats: Total Miles 5.6, elevation gain 499ft, time 1h 4m

Cycling Stats: Total Miles 283, elevation gain 8,560ft, time 17h 16m

Swimming Stats: Total Yards 0, time 0m

Week 4

Monday – Back in the UK and back running, I have just 17 days left until I fly out to New York so need to get some good miles in this week and next. Todays run was a very windy one. 5.1-miles in the dark, getting hit by twigs and leafs but managed a good 7:24 pace. The strap on my Garmin watch snapped last week so I am having to track my run using the Strava app on my phone, which is good but I don’t get a real time view of my pace so I have bit the bullet and ordered a new strap while I wait for Garmin to respond.

Tuesday – 4.1-mile tempo Tuesday, yep the training plan is back and in full swing now. 7:15 pace today, not the fastest I have ran but it was all I could manage today. Today we said goodbye to mum for the last time and I have not been sleeping too well since coming back from the US, I only managed 5 hours last night and I am still getting some blood when I blow my nose. I first noticed this in Arizona when we were cycling at 7,800ft, apparently it is quite common when riding that high up but I thought it would have cleared by now as that was a week ago.

Wednesday – Recovery Wednesdays, 4.1-miles at 8:45 pace and another tough day. Today we said goodbye to my Uncle Tony, two funerals in two days is not a good way to start the week or anytime really. It has been a really hard few weeks for the family but hopefully we can start to get on with life and have some good times once again. Still getting the nose bleeds and probably worse now they have been. Only managed just over 4 hours sleep last night as well, not good after missing Saturday with flying and then 7hrs Sunday, 5hrs Mon and 4.5hrs on Tues.

Thursday ­– Should have been sprints today but it was pouring down so I set off with a 10k at marathon pace in mind and also tested out my Berlin Marathon rain jacket, which worked a treat. The run was pretty poor really I just feel really tired and exhausted from lack of sleep and having so much to do to sort out mums funeral, the probate and house etc. I managed to run 4 miles at 8:36 pace which is basically just another recovery run. I had a nosebleed just before I went out too. I am hoping with some proper sleep, hydration and a little less stress now the funeral is done, the nose bleeding will stop.

Friday – So Fridays are hill reps right? not today, I usually get them in during my lunch hour but I had to go around my mothers house for a valuation and that took up my entire lunch today, meaning I had to run at night again once my daughter was asleep. I got in a 5.5-mile run and included a bigish hill to make up for not doing the hill reps this morning and it even turned into a progressive run unintentionally, starting at 8:09 pace down to 6:24 pace for the last 0.5 mile. The reason I didn’t do the hill reps at night is because where I do my hill reps is unlit and a narrow lane so it wouldn’t be the safest thing I have ever done. On the plus side, no nosebleeds today, it looks like a good sleep last night has helped things out.

Saturday – A big day today but I will come back to why that is shortly. Firstly, I made my return to Congleton Parkrun after missing the last six weeks due to being on other events around the world. Storm Brian is due to hit us this afternoon and heavy rain forecast from 10am so a quick Parkrun was required to dodge the rain, I was hoping to run a sub 20 today, my legs had felt good last night running the progressive 5, but the first mile today they felt heavy and tired so to run a 20:15 5k coming home in 11th place out of 217 was pretty pleasing.

So a big day? yep!! with that Parkrun I passed the 1,000 miles mark for 2017!! Last year when I first started running I managed to run 311 miles and felt like I had done amazing then so to be going over 1,000 miles in mid October is mind-blowing, thats three times further than the entire 2016 and I still have two months of training and two marathons to run yet!!

Sunday – I was hoping to get in a 12 mile run today, maybe up to 18 miles if I felt good. I decided to run laps around Knypersley Pool, which is a two mile lap. I thought this would work well because I can stash a couple of bottles of water in the car and swap over every 6 miles, a little like the 10k water stations at some marathons. Also used this run as a tester for a new long sleeved Nike running top I brought yesterday, this was spoiled by it raining so the jacket was back on again for the third time this week.

The run went ok, I ran 8.1-miles at a 7:58 pace. I had hoped to run further and at 7:45 pace but I hadn’t banked on it being so cold, wet and windy, the mud was making it tough to get a stable footing and then there were more hills than I remembered, in total I clocked up 499ft of gain across the four laps. Still, that is my seventh day of running this week giving me a nice round 34 miles.

Running Stats: Total Miles 34.0, elevation gain 1,808ft, time 4h 23m

Cycling Stats: Total Miles 0, elevation gain 0ft, time 0m

Swimming Stats: Total Yards 0, time 0m

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