Well here we go again, marathon training starts here… well kind of. With running Berlin on the 24th September I have spent the past 21 weeks training and getting ready for that marathon. Now Berlin is done and dusted I have 5 weeks, 6 days until the New York City marathon. Already with a good amount of training under my belt the next six weeks are about maintaining that level, maybe building on it slightly with some more long runs and getting back on Sprints & Hill Reps to increase speed and cardio levels further. I am planning on tapering the week leading up to NY and after a sprint triathlon on 1st October I have no races in the build up to this one, the hope being I will be more rested than I was going into Berlin.

Week 2 of this training plan is going to be spent in the US, I am taking part in the Unit & Bike Against Cancer Cycle Challenge. I will post daily blogs (if WiFi allows) whilst out there, but basically I am cycling from Cameron in Arizona, along the Grand Canyon for a few days, on a stretch of Route 66, over the Hoover Dam and finishing up in Las Vegas. This will be approx 530km over 5 days. I will look to get some running in whilst out there as well, certainly not everyday but the odd day and I definitely want to run the Las Vegas strip when on the rest day in Vegas. At least my runselfie will look good on that one.

Week 1

 Monday – Starting off with a rest day today after yesterday’s INSERT BERLIN LINK. The legs are feeling a little tired and I just feel generally tired and run down with the cold. Hopefully shake that off soon and get out for a run probably Wed or Thurs I think.

Tuesday – I woke feeling really really rough today, very tired and the cold seems to be getting worse. I guess running around in the rain with wet feet for the best part of 4hrs wouldn’t have helped. Nevertheless, I was back in work today so I biked to the train station in the morning and back home via mum’s care home in the evening. 12-miles in total with a nice climb over Mow Cop to stretch the legs out. Speaking of which, they are feeling pretty much back to normal now, I am hoping to get a run in tomorrow evening and get back on track with the running training again.

Wednesday – In the office again today so back on the bike and again calling in the care home to see my mum on the way home, it has been really good to be able to get to see mum on the way home again like this, I get to see her and get some cycling time in as well and also back home in time to bath my daughter. Great to see mum making improvements and starting to settle into a new care home. 16 miles on the bike in total today. I gave blood at lunchtime so no running tonight, although the legs do feel good now and ready to get back at it, I will wait until tomorrow and try a steady one having given some blood.

Thursday ­– First run back since Sundays Berlin Marathon and the legs felt good, I was able to push on to a 7:35 pace for the 4.3-miles. It did feel tougher than expected running at that pace, but I did give blood 24hrs ago so we will see how it feels tomorrow.

Friday – So I ran 7.2 miles at lunchtime today, the hardest run I have ever done. 7.2 miles for each of the 72 years that my mum was alive. Whilst dropping my daughter off at nursery today I received a phone call to say that my mum had passed away in her sleep this morning following a stage 1 heart failure. Whilst we were told that she would not see out 2017, it doesn’t soften the blow when that day does come. It now makes running the London Marathon for the British Heart Foundation next April so much more personal and emotional than it would have been had she still been alive. I think any time goals for that marathon are a non-starter now, I will just be so emotional running in mums memory. Totally heartbroken today. I am due to be going to London tomorrow to join some of my Instagram friends and take on the Bear Grylls Survival Race, but I just don’t know if I feel up to it now or not. I will see how I feel in the morning.

After all of that bad news earlier, I then received an e-mail at 11pm from TCS New York marathon to advise that I had been selected to represent the United Kingdon in the parade for the Opening ceremony of the marathon weekend in Central Park!! It just shows how strange life can be sometimes.

Saturday – After some thought this morning I decided to go for it and travel down to London and do the Bear Grylls Survival 10k Race, I think being with like minded people will do me some good and help to take my mind off things. You can read my race recap here BEAR GRYLLS SURVIVAL RACE 10K RECAP

Sunday – Out racing again today, this time my first proper triathlon LAST OF THE SUMMER TRI 2017 RACE RECAP

Running Stats: Total Miles 22.8, elevation gain 1,519ft, time 3h 38m

Cycling Stats: Total Miles 45.9, elevation gain 2,802ft, time 3h 5m

Swimming Stats: Total Meters 400, time 10m

Week 2

 Monday – Rest day.

Tuesday – Rest day.

Wednesday – Another day of getting a lot of things sorted for mum, lots of meetings and appointments, meant that the run had to wait until the evening. A 4-mile progressive run followed by a 1 mile cool down. I say progressive, it was a 7:22, 7:22, 7:16 & 7:16 so not truly a progressive run, but no mile was slower than the last so I will take it, good consistency though. With not getting much cycling in at all I spent half an hour doing some leg weights and squats to work the quads and glutes, a little cycle workout I think. Felt good anyway.

Thursday ­– Pretty much a repeat of yesterday. Out all morning with appointments for mum again, but got a run in at 4pm this time. Instead of a prog 5 I went for a steady paced 6 miles. Nice and sunny at the start but half way around it felt like armageddon! pouring rain, black skies, wind, hail and thunder. Back to sun when I got home lol. Same again in the evening too, another leg session.


Friday – No running today, my legs feel tired again today, probably from a mixture of doing two days of running as well as two days of big leg weights as well so a day off today fits well as I have quite a bit on sorting things for mum. Then travel down to Gatwick tonight ready for an early(ish) flight out to Las Vegas.

Saturday – Today is a travel day, flying out from Gatwick to Las Vegas and then 6 hours travelling to Cameron Arizona for the start of the Unit & Bike Against Cancer Cycle Challenge. So obviously no running or cycling today, the hard work starts tomorrow. I will try to blog daily whilst out there depending on WiFi at the various hotels along the way Although I am writing this from 36,000ft so who knows with modern technology, you can get online anywhere in the world.

Sunday – Will be day one of my cycle ride so I will post a separate blog on this, keep those eyes peeled for that super amazing blog.

Running Stats: Total Miles 11, elevation gain 449ft, time 1h 27m

Cycling Stats: Total Miles 0, elevation gain 0ft, time 0m

Swimming Stats: Total Yards 0, time 0m

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