Well here we are, the last Berlin Marathon training update, 19 weeks of hard graft are done, well lets say 16 weeks hard graft, 3 weeks out injured. Now its just two weeks of tapering my miles and tempo down and resting up for the big one. That being said, my previous three weeks of running haven’t been big miles anyway with slowly building back up from the injury so what I am planning on doing it maintaining things at that level, so around 23 – 25 miles in week 20, then obviously week 21 is going to be higher with running the 26.2 on the Sunday. I am coming into week 20 on a 5 day Run Steak (here he goes again with that bloody Run Streak) and three days working away from home, so I am planning on getting in some running down in High Wycombe in the evenings to pass the time and then comes the big decision at the weekend. On Sunday 17th Sept I am running the English Half Marathon in Warrington, I ran this one last year and really enjoyed it, its quite a quick course and I think I can beat my half marathon PB on this one, especially given that my current HM PB was set at the Potters ‘arf which was pretty hilly. The big decision I have is, do I take it steady and jog around at a slow pace, saving my energy for Berlin which is a week later, or do I run it hard and go for a PB whilst I am in a good shape and feel ready for a PB attempt but risk not being at 100% for Berlin? I guess by the time you are reading this I would have ran the race and as this post is scheduled to be posted on Sunday morning, I will be in the start pen for the Berlin Marathon as this goes live…..

Week 20

 Monday – Today is travel day for me, I am entertaining my daughter all day and then facing a 3:15 train journey to High Wycombe in the evening. That left me with next to no time to get in a run so I set my alarm nice and early and got in a 2-mile run down the road and back in the 6am club at a nice slow recovery pace of 8:30/mile. Job done, day 6 of the run streak done lol.

Tuesday – Now in High Wycombe and back in my hotel room by 5pm I set out on a run around town, I picked a little route that looked to be around 3 – 4 miles on Google maps. A few stretches in the car park and off I went. After 1.5-miles I turned onto the second of four roads I was running (I picked this route firstly because it looked the right distance and secondly because there was only four turns to remember). What Google maps didn’t show me was the elevation, this second road was up hill and then some! 1.5-miles of running up hill in fact, totalling nearly 400ft of gain. Then the next half a mile was back down hill towards the hotel, dropping 400ft in a short space of time. Not really the nice easy tapering run I had hoped for. On the plus side the route was 4.2-miles so I was at least right on the distance.

Wednesday – Still in High Wycombe, this evenings run was a shorter 2.6-miles along the river and no big hills today. I did turn it into a bit of a Fartlek run with a few sprints along the river between trees… mostly escaping crazy swans charging at me. Tomorrow I am heading back home in the evening so if it is dry in the morning, I will get in another short one early doors and relax on the train.

Thursday ­– With travelling home this evening I got up early to get in a run and keep this little streak going. Just 2.5-miles today but at a higher tempo of 7.12 /mile, nothing earth shattering but nice to stretch out the legs and get a early morning run done. I was rather pleased with myself sitting in the restaurant eating breakfast looking out of the window and seeing it pouring down. The weather on my early morning run was like in the photo below.


Friday – Back home and one final hill training session before Berlin next week. I would say the last hill session but I am signed up to run the Mow Cop Killer Mile next Thursday now so that will be the final hill work. With that in mind, I decided to have a run up the Killer Mile route to see how the legs felt and just get a good workout in. I was 25 seconds off my PB of 9:26 but back under 10 minutes is good enough for me, I will be happy if I can run that time next week. In total todays run was 4.9-miles with a cheeky 728ft of climbing.

Saturday – Today was the Swim Serpentine 2 Mile swim, take a look at my recap here – SWIM SERPENTINE 2 MILE CHALLENGE 2017 RECAP

Sunday – Another day racing, this time the English Half Marathon, my race recap is linked here – ENGLISH HALF MARATHON 2017 RACE RECAP

Running Stats: Total Miles 29.3, elevation gain 1,772ft, time 3h 43m

Cycling Stats: Total Miles 0, elevation gain 0ft,, time 0m

Swimming Stats: Total Yards 3,373, time 1h 11m

Week 21

 Monday – Rest Day.

Tuesday – Another day of no running to rest up those legs, but with being in the office I was on the bike. Rather than take the longer route to the station in the morning I took the easy 2-mile option, the mornings are dark now and I have had to get my winter gloves out already!! sad times. On the way home I went a slightly longer way back, but only 5-miles giving a total of 7 miles on the bike today. Not much but I have bigger things to come this week…. the Killer Mile lol.

Wednesday – After two days without running I had planned to run 2-miles at a steady pace today but I wanted to get out and stretch my legs so I ran to the train station to collect my train ticket for the airport on Friday. 2-miles there and 2-miles back. I got to the station and the one and only ticket machine was out of order so it was a wasted trip but nice to be back out running. 4-miles at a 8:23 pace. The worrying thing was it felt like a tough run even at that pace. I think this was due to not fuelling correctly for it today, with changing to a 4-mile run I had only fuelled with coffee. I have the Killer Mile tomorrow so I will eat and hydrate correctly for that and see how it feels. Although that being said, if I run that route at 8:23 tomorrow I will be knocking 1:02 off my Killer Mile PB…. not likely at all. Sub 10 would be good.

Thursday ­– Just the Mow Cop Killer Mile today, nothing too strenuous, have a read of my race recap here – MOW COP KILLER MILE 2017 RACE RECAP

Friday – So last day in work and travelling over to Berlin in the evening, arrived at the hotel just before midnight, which isn’t ideal sleep wise but it saved using a days leave at work. If it is dry tomorrow morning I will run the Breakfast Run to the Olympic stadium and then over to the Expo to collect my race number. The cold doesn’t feel as bad this morning after three doses of cold & flu tablets so lets hope this continues through to Sunday.

Saturday – Final day of training and first day in Berlin. Nice and sunny all day but then rained from 6pm looking like up to the start of the marathon. Not ideal but it is what it is.

This morning I ran the Berlin Marathon Breakfast Run which was a steady 5k run to the Olympic Stadium. I spent the afternoon having a look around the start & finish areas so I know where to go in the morning. Next stop is the Berlin Marathon.

Running Stats: Total Miles 10.8, elevation gain 876ft, time 1h 37m

Cycling Stats: Total Miles 7, elevation gain 269ft,, time 30m

Swimming Stats: Total Yards 0, time 0m

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