Race Recap


Having ran up the Mow Cop Killer Mile many times during my training for Paris and Berlin I thought that I had best enter the official Killer Mile race. My only dilemma being the race was the day before I was due to fly out to Berlin for the marathon. I thought it is only a 1-mile run, albeit a steep 1-mile and I can take it steady. Those who have read my previous blogs will know that I say “I will take it steady” all of the time and never do, to be honest, I didn’t think I would take it steady this time either.


After taking two days off running following the ENGLISH HALF MARATHON 2017 I managed a 4-mile run yesterday. This felt like a struggle even at 8 minute pace. My legs felt good and no ill effects of the half marathon I just felt sluggish. Today I woke up feeling really rough, it looks like I am coming down with a cold. In September!!! what’s that all about. Anyway, I ran to the start of this one with living 1.2-miles away it was a good warm up. I was running in the Killer Mile Fun Run at 7:10pm, I would have liked to run the club run but that was too early for me with picking my daughter up from nursery.

Once lined up at the start I decided to just run it as quick as I could, it is only a 10 minute or 1 mile race and I have 2 days to recover for Berlin so it shouldn’t take too much out of me. I lined up a few rows back at the start line, my thinking was most people will charge off far too quickly and I will catch them on the steep parts and just as predicted the first 20/25 people went flying off up the road. I thought either they are on for a sub 9 minute run or they haven’t ran this road before and don’t know that there is a 27% incline just around the first corner.

Once around the corner I started passing the fast starters. Every single one of them was taking the inside line around the bend, which yes this is the shortest route but its also the steepest part of the bend too. I took the longer, less steep outside line and passed all but 10 of them.

The next half a mile isn’t too bad, the incline averages out at just under 8% before a brutal 200m at 25%. What I have always done in training is run up to the bottom of the 25% section and walk that before running the last part. By the time I had reached the steep section I had passed two more guys who had started to walk, the eight in front of me were running up the steep part so I thought I can’t be the first to walk it. Stupidly I ran half way up then gave in and walked, accepting that it was too much for me to run the whole Killer Mile at 8:30 pace without stopping.

I walked to the top of the steep part and then started to run again, which was greeted by a big cheer from the crowd. That really lifted me so I started the chase of the guy in 7th but just couldn’t catch him in time for the line. I nearly caught up but to finish 8th in the Fun Run in a time of 9:14 *on my Garmin Watch* was really good going for me. My Strava Killer Mile segment clocked in at 9:01 which is 24secs faster than my previous PB.


I had never actually ran this race before so it was nice to get involved and support a local race and such a great one at that. although it is only one mile its one of the tough challenging events and to have it on my doorstep has been great for my training. Running up the 550ft to the top gives you a great sense of achievement when you look back down over Cheshire at the sunsetting. This is definitely a race I will be doing again next May and for £5.50 it is great value for money.

You may not get a finishers medal or a t-shirt, just a congratulations certificate but in a tough race like this, the reward is finishing. The self pride that you have ran the Killer Mile is enough.


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