So after getting back to running again in week 16/17, I am now just concentrating on building up the mileage rather than speed / hill work. Berlin is now less than 4 weeks away so I will get the miles in the for next 3 weeks then take week 21 easy before flying out to Berlin. Over the next 3 weeks I have a 10k race, half marathon and a 2-mile swim all before Berlin so its a busy month. Once back from Berlin, the fun doesn’t stop there!! I will be taking part in the Bear Grylls Survival race 6 days after the Berlin Marathon and then the Last of the Summer Tri which will be my first sprint distance triathlon, in Yorkshire. So yeh, September is going to be a busy month, but hopefully lots of bling, good memories and no injuries to show for it.

Week 18

 Monday – Having ran Sat & Sun I decided against running again today, although I think I will get back into running daily again later in the week now the injury feels long gone. This morning was a 1,625yrd (1-mile) pool swim, that is the furthest I have swam to date and I felt good, not tired or out of breath at the end so I think I am looking ok for a longer swim and the 2-mile goal looks achievable now. The more swimming I do the better I will get at it so just keep at it. Straight after swimming I biked back home which was a 13.8-mile ride at 16mph ave speed. This was all about getting a feel and confidence cycling straight after a swim, a 1-mile swim in this case. A sprint triathlon swim is only 400m so I think I am good to go for sprint and probably olympic distance and with 9 months to go before Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire I feel in a good place for that as well. I am yet to sign up for Ironman Staffs but fully intend on doing so once registration opens on 13th Sept, I think this will be a good training event for the full Ironman UK a month later.

Tuesday – No Run today, but 6.5 mile ride to the station and a slightly longer 10.1 mile ride back home after work.

Wednesday – With not running yesterday I went for a longer than planned 10k lunchtime run, it was quite warm and sunny today, I ran in 44:55 so I am pleased to come in with a sub 45 but can definitely improve on that with better morning nutrition.

Thursday ­– Started the day off with a early morning 1k tempo swim in the pool, finishing up in 24:33 which is just over 2 mins quicker than my previous 1k PB, I am started to feel a little more confident with my swimming now. After yesterday’s 10k lunchtime run I thought I would give it another go today having eaten better during the morning. The weather wasn’t the best, it started to pour down as I was running, I was that wet my shirt and shorts were sticking to me and feet squelching but I did it in 42:51 which I think is either my 2nd or 3rd fastest 10k.

Thursday nights are open water swimming at Boundary Park, this time I managed to get my wetsuit on by myself and took the time to get used to the water temp before swimming. This was a massive help, this time I didn’t struggle with breathing or the cold, despite the water being 2c cooler than Sunday (it was cloudy tonight). I did three laps of the lake without stopping, clocking up 1 mile in 37:46, around 7 minutes faster than last Monday’s 1-mile pool swim. I am really enjoying swimming in the wetsuit and in the lake, I felt comfortable and able to pace myself so that I was fairly fast (2:08/100yrd) but able to maintain that speed for the duration of the swim. The target for this Sunday is to swim 1.5-miles and then try to get in a 2-mile swim before the Swim Serpentine on the 16th Sept.


Friday – Rest Day.

Saturday – My 16th Congleton Parkrun in some very autumnal conditions. It was a cool, damp, foggy September morning. Not the nice warm sun of last week, I was aiming for a 6:30 pace on this one, first mile was 6:28, second 6:28, then slowed slightly on the third mile to 6:32 giving an average over the 3.2-miles of 6:29 and a 20:08 coming home 15th overall. Target pace met and a nice low 20min 5k. A good mornings work. I have decided to try to register for the Tatton 10k tomorrow morning and get in another race, it has been 6 weeks since my last race and although I am running next weeks Sandbach 10k I’d like to get some good speed work in this week.

Sunday – I did get into the Tatton 10k with massive thanks to my Instagram friend Caithy Walker who sorted me out with a bib, check out my short race recap here – TATTON 10k – RACE RECAP, also please take the time to have a read of Caithy’s blog, she has some great posts and some really motivational stuff

After the mornings run it was back to Boundary Park for another 1.5-mile swim, or that was the plan. I swam 1-mile then noticed that I had not started my Garmin, although I am 99% sure I did do, a duck or fish must have stopped it. At that point I lost interest and got out, feeling a little deflated that I had not tracked my swim so I could not track my progress. Although that being said, that was my 2nd 1-mile open water swim of the week so really pleased with that. Today it was cloudy and raining and quite choppy, all new conditions for me so to get in 1-mile in that felt good once I was over the Garmin fail.

Running Stats: Total Miles 21.6, elevation gain 738ft, time 2h 30m

Cycling Stats: Total Miles 30.4, elevation gain 856ft, time 2h 10m

Swimming Stats: Total Yards 6,394, time 2h 24m

Week 19

 Monday – Rest day. No running or cycling today but I did receive an email from British Heart Foundation saying that I have been successful in landing one of their charity places for the Virgin London Marathon 2018!!! So happy to have been accepted into their team for the marathon, not just because it is a spot in the race but because my mother has had a lot of heart issues over the years and is still suffering from them now, so to be able to support BHF this way really means a lot to me.

Tuesday – Back in work today which usually involves a ride to the train station, but given how heavy it was raining when I woke up I decided against cycling in today.

Wednesday – Out running again today after two days of rest, surprisingly didn’t feel too great even after two days off, no aches just didn’t feel too good. It was just a 4.3-mile easy paced run, nothing too strenuous at this stage now. My Berlin Marathon start card arrived this morning too, its now starting to feel very real being just 18 days off. It looks like they have put me in the 4:30 corral which isn’t where I had put on my entrance form, I was hoping to be in the 3:30 – 3:50 corral which should push me on to a sub 3:30, I have e-mailed the organisers to see whether they can amend this.

Thursday ­– Well good news is, I now have a new Start Card for the Berlin Marathon and I am in the 3:30 – 3:50 corral as requested. I do have a 3:39 PB so I aren’t jumping ahead of my ability before anyone lays into me. In fact I am hoping to run beyond this corral but we will see on the day.

So today’s run was a 4.2-miler, fairly steady pace, 30 secs/mi quicker than yesterday and considerably more elevation gain today as I ran part of the way up to Mow Cop and back down the other side. No swimming this morning, my daughter was sick on the way to nursery, I had to put emergency measures in place lol.

Friday – After a couple of days running 4 miles I wanted to try a longer run during my lunch hour. I managed to get in 7.7-miles with 449ft of elevation gain. Felt good after that one and nice to get in some good miles before this weekends 10k.

Saturday – My last Parkrun for the next 5 weeks with other events. It was pouring down today and chilly, which made up my mind, I was taking this steady. 3 laps of the mere in 21:00 finishing 16th overall. Job done, roll on tomorrow’s Sandbach 10k, hopefully a little dryer for that one.


Sunday – Today was the Sandbach 10k, you can read my race recap here – SANDBACH 10k RACE RECAP

Running Stats: Total Miles 25.5, elevation gain 1,109ft, time 3h 10m

Cycling Stats: Total Miles 0, elevation gain 0ft, time 0m

Swimming Stats: Total Yards 0, time 0m

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