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So, it is with huge disappointment I say that I stopped my Run Streak at day 87. After running on Day 84 I felt some pain in my right piriformis which did not improve over the next few days. Rather than risking making things any worse, I felt that it was best to stop running and take a few weeks off to rest up. When I last injured my left piriformis back in February, things took around 5 weeks to calm down before I was able to run again so I am hoping by stopping early now, I can be back running again sooner. The Berlin Marathon was 9 weeks away at the time I picked up the injury so there is plenty of time to take a few weeks off and rest. In fact, resting and letting the body recover will do me good. I am still able to cycle and I have started swimming again now, these will help to maintain the cardio levels, not the same as being out running, but its the best I can do for now.

Given that prior to this Run Streak my longest streak was three consecutive days, to go for 87 days or 12 & a half weeks of consecutive running is a good step forward. I wanted to do this to help improve my run conditioning, get my body and more importantly my legs used to running, build those muscles up ready for the next series of marathons coming this autumn. During the last 8 miles in Paris I struggled, partly due to heat but mainly because I had not ran enough, my legs felt good to begin with but then lost strength as I went on. This Run Streak will have built on that and hopefully help to take me further in the next marathon with stronger legs. One thing I have taken from this Run Streak that I had not planned on is that running daily became a lifestyle, not a hobby, not a chore, not something where I had to force myself out of the door, well ok, there were some days which were tougher to convince myself I needed to run but at no stage did I think, nah scrap that I am watching TV instead. I stayed motivated to do it, stayed motivated to get out and run no matter what the weather threw at me, granted it was April – July so the weather on the whole was better than running December to February but still, I was out in it.

Now two weeks on after stopping, I look back at how hard it was to stop, I felt like I was really letting myself down, I felt so disappointed that I had got injured and failed to hit 150 days. I had worries that I will now lose all of that fitness I had built up and that everyone will stop following me now because I failed. But then, this is real life, I am no professional, I make mistakes, I do things wrong, I do too much too soon (again), I don’t hit all my goals and I miss targets. I am not perfect, my Instagram is not full of positive PB smashing posts. Some days are bad, example, back in March I ran the Cheshire 10k 6 minutes slower than my PB at the time. The Cheshire 10k course is as flat as a bowling green, its fast, its a PB course but I was way off the mark, in fact I was really shit that day. I don’t hide that, I put it out there on IG and on here to show I am real, I fail (regularly) but then I show the hard work and effort I put in afterwards to bounce back and eventually beat my 10k PB by 2 mins in July.

My Run Streak stats:

Stats: Total Miles 438.4, elevation gain 23,022ft, time 58h 49m 34s


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