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Back on the 28th April 2017 I began this 150 DAY RUN STREAK which would take me up to and including the Berlin Marathon. Today (11th July 2017) marks the half way point in this journey. I am pleased to say that so far I have managed to run everyday. Somedays faster than others, somedays further than others and most certainly somedays have been a far greater struggle than others but a run is a run. Prior to starting this personal challenge I had only ran for three consecutive days so to take that up to 75 days and counting is a big achievement for me.

During the first 75 days I have ran seven races, set new PB’s in 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon as well as countless Strava segment PR’s. Whilst the PB’s and finishers medals are great, the most important thing I want to get out of this “Streak” is to improve my running, my strength & conditioning and general stamina. I feel that I am achieving this goal, the legs feel ok and more like hardened runner legs now, I am now able to finish races / runs quicker than I began them, which is an indication of greater stamina when compared to 4 months previous.

When I posted my 150 DAY RUN STREAK blog post on the 12th May, I highlighted two challenges or obstacles I felt I would face during this run streak. They were the Rock n Roll Liverpool Marathon and the Cheshire Cheetah Cycle Sportive. I did manage to run the days immediately after the Liverpool marathon, only short, slow 2-miles runs but to be honest, the legs felt really good after this one, no cramps, blisters or aches so I completed these runs pretty comfortably, the new running shoes had a big part to play in that, I believe. Then there was running on the same day as a 70-mile cycle sportive, again, this felt pretty easy too, the ride was completed by lunchtime and a 2-mile run in the bag by early evening. The legs did feel ok, not too great after the ride, I had a slight pain in my left knee but I was still able to get out and run comfortably. The two greatest challenges I had came on day 48, running the day after being ill was really hard going and up until 5pm I was not even thinking about carrying on with the run streak, fortunately I felt better that evening and was able to run. Then day 72 was the toughest of all. I had planned to be running the Vitality Move 10k that morning but received a called to say my mother had fallen and was on her way to A&E. After spending the next 13hrs in the hospital I decided to get in a run at 10pm. Actually running that night helped to clear my head and gave me the time to think things through. Both of these were unplanned, unavoidable challenges but I got through them and still ran.

Goals for the next 75 days? simple, to continue to run everyday. As I am now into week 10 of my Berlin Training plan, I am now starting to bring up the weekly mileage ever so slightly each week and every third Sunday is a long run (longer than the usual Long Sunday Run), basically going 16-miles, 18-miles, 20-miles, 18-miles & 16-miles with 10-mile runs on the two Sunday’s in between. The plan is that my first 75 days of running have built up the strength and conditioning to a suitable level where I can increase the mileage and get these long runs in without overdoing it and getting injured.

Challenges for the next 75 days? well, there aren’t really an planned challenges that I can see in my training plan, I only have two running races, both in September. One is a 10k race so no probs there and the other a half marathon, again no problems there either. None running races there are two in July, Tough Mudder Yorkshire and a GoTri triathlon the day after. Both of these include running so no need to double up on these days and I don’t see any problems running the Monday after that weekend. We will see how it goes but I don’t see any reason why I should not hit 150 days of consecutive running when I cross that finish line in Berlin on 24th September.

Stats: Total Miles 377.9, elevation gain 19,609ft, time 50h 44m 15s

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