Now into week 4 of my Berlin training plan and it is marathon week. Wait what? You are running a marathon as part of marathon training? That’s right. I had originally booked the Rock n Roll Liverpool Half Marathon, however, I thought I would upgrade to the full marathon and see how I get on. What better way to get ready for a marathon than running a marathon. I know, it’s not ideal but it is what it is and to be honest, I feel pretty confident that the training I have already done over the past 4 weeks, in addition to the training that I did for the Paris marathon last month, will put me in a good place and probably the best prepared I have been for any race. I will put this in writing now as this blog will be posted after I have ran the marathon, but I am targeting to beat my Paris time of 04:05:06 and run under 4 hours, for now I would be happy with 03:59:59 it is all progress and a step closer to that Boston Qualifying time.


Week 4

 Monday – With running the marathon this Sunday, my week 4 plan has been cut back to running 2.5-mile slow tempo runs Mon – Fri to keep the 150 day run streak going and also give some recovery and rest time for the body. Tonight’s run was along the canal on grass to reduce impact on the knees ran at a 8:28 mile pace. It was very hot and humid and the weather is looking like we could be on for a very hot (for the UK) end to the week, not great for a marathon.

Tuesday – Another 2.6-mile slow tempo run down the road and back today, pace a little quicker at 8:05, nice to be out running in the sun and 21c warmth finally. The weather forecast for the weekend is now showing rain for Sunday, I’m not sure what is worst, running in the heat or in the rain. Neither are ideal. As it was sunny today I went out for a 10-miler on the bike to get some hill training in and low impact cardio to keep the fitness levels up. As ever, my Garmin Edge was giving me segment breakdowns showing how far behind or ahead of PB I was, which inevitably resulted in me riding faster than I planned, oops.

Running 01-06-17

Wednesday – Run wise today was a steady 2.5-mile run along the canal again, flat ground is treating me well. This was supplemented with 20-miles on the bike, cycling to and from the train station.

Thursday ­– Feeling a little bored of slow short runs I thought Thursday would be a good time to pop in a tempo run, still over a short distance but at a 7min pace.

Friday – Back on the canal again today in the midday sun, 3.2-miles at 8.03 pace, nothing to write home about again but ticks off another day on the run streak, now at 29 days. The question is, will it continue on Monday?

Saturday – Today was the Rock n Roll Liverpool 5k, you can read my race recap as part of my Rock n Roll Liverpool Marathon Weekend recap, link is under Sunday.

Sunday – Marathon day!! My second ever marathon at the Rock n Roll Liverpool Marathon, read my full recap of the weekend here… ROCK n ROLL LIVERPOOL MARATHON 2017 RACE RECAP

Stats: Total Miles 42.0, elevation gain 1,161ft, time 5h 37m


Week 5

 Monday – This was the day I had been dreading ever since starting this run streak, running the day after the marathon. I managed a 2.2-mile run but have felt a little pain in the piriformis area similar to February. I am in two minds now whether to be stubborn and continue with the run streak tomorrow but drop the mileage and pace down to bare minimum.

Tuesday – After feeling a twinge last night I booked in for a sports massage this afternoon, which left my legs feeling like new, the quads were feeling a little tight but now back feeling happy again. With the piriformis pain subsiding overnight I took the opportunity to get in 2 easy miles at lunch time. Cycling into the station this morning felt tough, even with taking the easier 2 mile ride in, coming home was noticeably better on the legs, the combined bike rides came out at just over 7 miles, not the biggest rides in the world but nice to get some low impact cardio in.

St Annes Square Flowers 2

Wednesday – Following on from the better bike ride last night and spurred on by a sunny start I went out for a 6:30am ride clocking up 26 miles and 11 PR’s on some segments which I ride quite frequently. I guess the way to improve your cycling is to run a marathon a couple of days beforehand haha. Back to my usual running plan from today so I got in a 4-mile tempo run, pacing at 7:26, no pain after that run either which is good news.

Thursday ­– Again back on the 4-mile training runs today, this time a progressive run starting at 8:49 pace coming down to a 7:16 pace for mile 4. This run felt tougher than it should have done, my throat has been starting to hurt today so looks like I maybe coming down with something.

Friday – Hill Rep Friday, lunch time running on the bottom half of the Mow Cop Killer Mile. I woke up feeling really tired and sluggish this morning and lacking the motivation to go out for this one, especially when it began raining too. I pushed myself out of the door at lunch to get it done and out of the way, 7 reps totalling 896ft of elevation gain covering 5.2-miles in total. That is actually more elevation gain than the entire Liverpool marathon last week, so just shows that this hill training does really come into its own when met with hilly races. I had a trip when running back, I caught my foot on a lump on the pavement which sent me staggering forward, unfortunately I couldn’t catch my balance and went down, with it raining there looked to be a lot of blood but once cleaned up it was just a grazed knee luckily.

Saturday – Parkrun today, as with the previous two days I was lacking energy and just generally feeling under the weather but also my knee was aching from the fall as well. I was not feeling enthusiastic about running laps of Astbury Mere at all. I tried a Science in Sport Go Energy before the run to give me a boost, this did work somewhat so I decided to go for it but just take it steady and get the miles in rather than race it, I knew I wasn’t likely to beat my 5k PB anytime soon so no rush today. After a 2.5-mile warmup run I could tell my legs weren’t feeling it, the quads felt a little stiff. Needless to say as soon as the Parkrun started I was off running far quicker than planned and racing it again, no surprise there but after the first lap I did slow the pace down. I set off at a 6:21, 6:38 & 6:40 pace finishing up with a 20:15, 15th overall and 2nd in age group, this was over 2 minutes slower than last week so I guess I did kind of run it slower. I have 24hrs now to try and sort myself out and get some energy back before tomorrows 10-mile Long Sunday Run. I had planned on getting 20-miles in on the bike this afternoon but thought better of it today.

Running 03-06-17

Sunday – Still not feeling any better today so downgraded the planned 10-mile run to a 5-mile run. It wasn’t the fastest or longest run I will ever do but its 5-miles closer to Berlin and continues the run streak for another day. No other activates planned in for the day other than to rest and hopefully start week 6 feeling a little better. To be fair though, week 5 on the whole has gone pretty well considering it was the post marathon week, I have ran all 7 days, clocked up just shy of 28-miles and climbed over 2,000ft. This has given me the confidence that I can run two marathons in 7 days, like I shall be doing this November with the New York and Las Vegas marathons falling one week apart.

Stats: Total Miles 27.9, elevation gain 2,054ft, time 3h 46m *Missing miles from Tuesday


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