I began my planned 20-week training plan for the Berlin Marathon on the 1st May, this training plan will run alongside a separate 150 DAY RUN STREAK challenge I have set myself, which started on the 28th April and runs all the way up to Berlin.

My training plan is nothing special or official, this is just a 20 week programme that I have put together myself to cover the areas I feel needed the most improvement following last month’s PARIS MARATHON 2017 RACE RECAP

I think I will write a training summary every 2 weeks, but I will see how it looks after a few updates, I may move to weekly updates if these are getting long.

In short, the plan is:

  • Monday – Recover Run
  • Tuesday – Sprint Intervals
  • Wednesday – Tempo Run
  • Thursday – Recovery Run
  • Friday – Hill Reps / Sprints
  • Saturday – Parkrun
  • Sunday – Long Sunday Run / Race Day


Week 1

Monday – I started this plan off with a 4-mile recovery run following the SIMPLYHEALTH GREAT BIRMINGHAM 10K 2017 RACE RECAP  the day before. Not a long distance to require a recovery run, but no need to deviate from the plan on day 1. Followed by a 30-min evening home core workout.

Tuesday – Again a 4-mile run but sprint intervals this time, 6 x 30 second sprints with a decreasing recover time in-between. Followed by a 30-min evening home arm & shoulder workout.

Wednesday – A 4-mile tempo run pacing at 7:09 which for me is really quick so I was pleased with that speed. Followed by a 30-min evening home leg workout.

Thursday – Easy paced 4-mile run today, pacing at 8:14, which funnily enough is quicker than my race pace was 12 months ago, so it just goes to show what you can achieve with training and hard work. Maybe my Tuesday tempo run pace of 7:09 will be next years easy pace haha if only. Followed by a 30-min evening home core workout.

Friday – 3.5-mile run comprising of a 1-mile warm up, 5x hill reps and 1-mile cool down. Followed by a 30-min evening home arm & shoulder workout.

Saturday – A Parkrun warm up run of 1.7-miles followed by the Congleton Parkrun setting a new PB of 20:40 beating last weeks PB by 6 secs and finishing 19 overall. For anyone looking for a fast flat Parkrun, take a look at Congleton, it is 3 laps of the lake and in total gains around 23ft. Followed by a 30-min evening home leg workout.

Sunday – Heaton Park 10k, take a look at my race recap for more details on this here – HEATON PARK 10K MAY 2017 RACE RECAP. Followed by a 30 min evening home core workout.

Stats: Total Miles 31.3, elevation gain 1,752ft, time 4h 30m


Week 2

Monday – Just a simple 4-mile recover run followed by a 30-min evening home arm & shoulder workout.

Tuesday – A 14-miler on the bike before work averaging 17.1mph then 4.2-mile run after work comprising of a 1.2-mile warm up, 7x30sec sprints again with the decreasing rest period and a 1-mile cool down run home. Sprint intervals have quickly become my least favourite day of this plan, but the speed work will really help me out as well as my mind and body learning it can survive those tough out of breath moments. Followed by a 30-min evening home leg workout.

Wednesday – 4-mile tempo run, this week pacing at 7:17, slightly slower than last week but on a different route making it tricky to compare. I should stick to the same routes for comparison but it’s just boring running the same routes week in week out. Again another 14.4-miles on the bike cycling to & from the train station. Somehow managed to average 16.5mph despite lugging my backpack around. Followed by a 30-min evening home core workout.

Thursday – The plan said a 4-mile recovery run but it was Strava’s Global Cycle to Work Day and with working from home I decided to have a mini duathlon. So I did a 9.1-mile ride averaging 17.4mph followed by a 4.1-mile run pacing at 7:34. Not the easy recovery day I had planned but I really enjoyed today. This is great practise for those future triathlon’s I am planning. Plus it was warm and sunny!! followed by a 30-min evening home arm & shoulder workout.

Friday – 5-mile hill rep session, 1.2-mile warm up & cool down, this week moving from the usual hill rep location to the bottom section of the Mow Cop Killer Mile, the road sign said the gradient was 10%, however, Strava says 22%. I did 6 reps totalling just over 800ft of elevation gain. Followed by a 30-min evening home leg workout.

Saturday – Congleton Parkrun, going for a 4th consecutive PB week… a 1.4-mile warm up run, I did not feel great during this run. I think I had too much milk on my Frosties and felt really sick. Luckily this subsided a little in time for the start of the Parkrun. The run this week did not go to plan at all, around half a mile in my shoe lace came undone and then again in the same spot on the next lap. I was feeling gutted now having ran hard to catch back up I had dropped back again due to my shoe lace. I pushed hard to get back to where I was and to my surprise I got that 4th PB and not by a little amount either, I took 31 seconds off last weeks time, coming home in 20:09 and 14th overall. I felt so frustrated when I saw my time, knowing I lost around 10 seconds re-doing my laces. Followed by a 30-min evening home core workout.

Sunday – Long Sunday Run. Having beaten my 5k & 10k PB’s this year I wanted to have a crack at my half marathon PB time of 1:47:39 which I set at the English Half Marathon in Sept 2016. I was also testing out some new things too, after my last long training run I felt a little dehydrated so this week I wanted to see how I got on running with my camelbak with 3l of water in, I also tested out the pineapple flavour Science in Sport Go energy gels, I usually stick to orange or tropical flavours but thought pineapple might be more refreshing. Which I was right, the pineapple flavour was nice and may go on my next race outing with me. The camelbak, this started off by rubbing my neck but after a few tweaks of the straps it felt ok, not something I would use in a race but it did its job for a training run. All in all todays run went well and I ran the half marathon in 1:43:49 a full 3:50 quicker than my PB time. So the question is, does that time count as my PB time now, or do you only use race times? Personally, I only have my race times as my PB’s. Then followed by a 30-min evening home arm & shoulder workout.

Stats: Total Miles 39.3, elevation gain 1,762ft, time 5h 11m

The Cheshire Runner on a Half Marathon Tempo Run



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