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On the 28th April I began a personal challenge of completing a run every day for 150 days. At the time of posting this blog I am 15 days in and the legs feel good, I have beaten my 5k PB for the three previous weeks and ran my 2nd & 3rd fastest 10k’s so things are looking good right now. Why start on the 28th and more to the point why am I running for 150 days? Am I mad? The answer to that last question is most likely a yes, you have probably already gathered that from reading some of my other blog posts.

I will start with, why am I running for 150 consecutive days. The short answer to that is basically, to get some miles and running conditioning into my legs. Here’s why, after running last months PARIS MARATHON 2017 RACE RECAP I knew my body wasn’t really ready for marathon running, if you take a look at my PARIS MARATHON 2017 TRAINING (Jan – Apr) blog then you will see that I went into the marathon probably underprepared but certainly with insufficient miles in the bag. This is the reason I feel I struggled from the 16-mile mark.

Now, why April 28th and why 150 days? I am running the Berlin marathon on the 24th September, I thought of running for 100 days but wanted something a little more challenging to push myself so I settled on 150 days and guess what….. April 28th is 150 days before the Berlin marathon.

This is probably a good time to point out that before starting this challenge / run streak the most consecutive days I had ran before was 3. The plan is to not go crazy and run a huge number of miles from the get go, I made this mistake earlier in the year and injured myself, yep, I am that clever. This time around I mostly plan on five 4 mile runs per week along with a Parkrun and long run giving me around 30 – 35 miles per week. As time passes and I get a stronger, fitter more efficient runner I can increase this mileage.

I will encounter a few possible obstacles along the way, mostly trying to fit running every single day into my family & work life but also running after other sporting events I had signed up for before starting this challenge. Two which stand out will be running the days after completing the Rock n Roll Liverpool Marathon on 28th May as well as running on the same day as taking part in the Wiggle Cheshire Cheetah 70 mile cycle sportive.

As I keep saying, if these things were easy, everybody would be doing it. I like to push myself further than I think I can go, I like to do things that people say I can’t do. You can’t do that, you aren’t fit enough or you will get injured etc etc etc. Well just watch me do what I can’t do.

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